Family Yacht Charters By Exclusive Gulets...


Great fun for every one!

A gulet charter is the ultimate vacation for everyone, allowing you a level of privacy, relaxation and adventure that’s near-impossible to find even in the most luxurious resorts. On a private yacht, the whole crew is dedicated to ensuring that each member of your family has the holiday of their dreams, from the toddler right through to the grandparents. On a family yacht charter, you can truly relax with your loved ones and create incredible memories.

Are gulet charter holidays safe for young children?

Yachting holidays by eXclusive Gulets are incredibly safe for children of all ages, as the professional crew are at hand at all times keeping an eye on the children. No guests ever swim without supervision, and children are always supervised on deck. When it comes to water-sports, the crew are extremely experienced in safe and fun instruction. Gulets are highly regulated for safety and every member of your family can completely relax, knowing you’re all in safe hands.

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