Where would YOU like to go?

Southwest of Turkey, nearby Greek Islands and the Croatian coast where most of our gulets operate are blessed with serene natural surroundings, crystal clear turquoise shores and historical ruins dating back thousands of years.


At "eXclusive Gulets" we have a rather different approach when it comes to planning an itinerary.   We do not have set routes as we understand that we are all individuals with different expectations. Some of us may like to indulge in the serenity of a picnic on an isolated beach, whereas some prefer dining five-star in a stylish port town or rub shoulders with the locals and enjoy their food.  Some of us would like to purchase trinkets from a beachfront hut, whereas for some, shopping would be the last thing in mind when they can go on excursions and take in scenery like they have never seen before. No need to mention swimming in crystal clear waters or just relaxing under the Mediterranean sun.


We eliminate the guesswork and will consider your requirements down to the finest detail. Together with your Captain, we will prepare an itinerary that meets your exact desires. Of course once you are on board your itinerary is yours to change as the mood takes, as long as the finishing point corresponds with our normal schedule and taking into account time and fuel limitations.


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